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Canto poster

Rudolf Koch quote

Type Thursday interview

Three Ways to Improve Your Italic Calligraphy

Daphne du Maurier

Book jacket calligraphy detail.

Calligraphy: Jeremiah

I will post some new lettering here occasionally, either a finished piece; a sketch of work in progress or a warm-up exercise.

Luke and Longnose

Book jacket lettering for publisher Houghton Mifflin.


A small sampling of custom lettering.

Sloop poster

The original Sloop poster designed to promote the release of this popular script family.

Bickham Script Pro 3

After 20 years, Richard Lipton’s Bickham Script Pro 3 has finally reached the finish line.

Hoffmann poster

The original Hoffmann poster launching the release of this unique san serif family.

Avalon poster

The original Avalon poster launching the release of this calligraphic design.


Richard Lipton comes from a calligraphic background and always enjoys a chance to ignore his computer by occasionally accepting a lettering commission.

Savanna Script

A versatile family of condensed formal scripts. Richard Lipton continually transforms the elegance of pen-on-paper into beautiful, functional fonts.