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Sloop Script sails the Seven Seas

Richard Lipton’s graceful script has learned many languages—and a few new tricks, too.

Bennet makes the grade

Hot on the heels of his substantial expansion of Meno, Richard Lipton releases Bennet, an extensive new type family for editorial use and beyond.

Meno comes of age: 7-style family matures into a typographic powerhouse

Originally released as a modest yet elegant workhorse serif face in 1994, Richard Lipton’s Meno expands into a sprawling, glamorous type system in three optical sizes.

An interview with Richard Lipton

In this video interview, Richard Lipton shares advice gleaned from his storied career. From stitching together a self-education in type design to teaching the subject at RISD and from almost becoming a photographer to starting Lipton Letter Design, Richard…

Richard Lipton mines early twentieth-century lettering for Collier

Lipton Letter Design’s latest release is a delicately flared all-purpose type family with an astonishing typographic scope.

Canto starts a new chapter

Six years after its original release, Richard Lipton has significantly augmented this lyrical, inscriptional family, greatly furthering its expressive range.

Gotta go draw now: an interview with Richard Lipton

Amy Papaelias talks with Richard Lipton about drawing, focusing, and plying his craft from a studio near the ocean.

Inside the fonts: grading Bennet

With Richard Lipton’s latest release, Bennet, you can now add text grades to your typographic arsenal. But what exactly are grades? Why use them?


Bennet is a beautiful new type family with optically graded text in addition to display and banner styles.

Delaney sets the pace

Inspired by the jaunty flow of an Italian bicycle maker’s logo, Richard Lipton’s latest script promises a sweet ride.


Richard Lipton took off from an old bicycle logo and hasn’t stopped since, pushing the weights and fine details of a dynamic script to their limits. In a relaxed manner, of course.

Typeface overview

A quick visual overview of Lipton’s type designs from Type Network, Font Bureau, Bitstream and Adobe.